Hydronic Heating

Hydronic Heating – 21st Century Home Heating

Studies have shown that in-slab or panel radiator heating provides a most enjoyable warming experience! Efficient, Clean and Toasty Warm!

Hydronic Central Heating

If designed, installed and used correctly, hydronic central heating can be economical and highly effective. In most hydronic systems, the water is heated in a boiler, and then pumped through piping to panel radiators or through a slab floor in a coil system. Heat is transferred directly from these to the room air.

Benefits include:

  • Manual or automatic control valves to each panel or coil allowing individual rooms or zones to be heated independently.
  • Panel radiators provide effective heating for rooms with high or low ceilings
  • The luxury of hydronic heating must be experienced to feel the difference
  • No forced air means no dust mites and no asthma or breathing irritations
  • Provides clean silent warmth
  • Individual control for each room or panel
  • No dust circulation
  • Low maintenance and proven effectiveness
  • Radiator panels are stylish and simple and we can match all decor
  • In slab or underfloor heating is virtually an invisible system that allows you many options with your furniture layout
  • Radiant floor heating blends nicely into energy-efficient home designs. “Exposing” slab floors is an inexpensive way to provide thermal mass to reduce heating and cooling energy use.

The heat output is determined by radiator size, pipe spacing, water temperature, flow rate and floor covering. The heat output must be calculated to meet the heat loss demands of the home.

Prior to the installation of a system, a qualified floor-heating specialist should make a heating-load estimate of your home on a room-by-room basis. The heating-load estimate will assist in an efficient system design.

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