– Mysterious Leak, Found and Fixed

“Thank you James you have been fantastic. I appreciate you going to great lengths to find and fix the problem. Thank you for double checking before you left to make sure everything was fixed. I can not speak highly enough of your work. You will be my first and only choice from now on. And my friends and business associates are going to be hearing about you.”



– Solar Hot Water Install & Gas Stove Connection

All seems to be working well, and we’re enjoying using the stove. Definitely prefer gas to electric.

I’ve been recording the temperatures at the end of the day from the solar HW cylinder – just to see how much we can expect in this not-so-hot weather. Yesterday, the shortest day, we still got up to around 27, and I don’t think there was any direct sun all day. On the last clear sunny day, we got as high as 45 (bit over a week ago I think). And the overnight temp drop seems to be about 3 or 4 degrees, so the insulation protecting the water pipes must be pretty good.

The current temperature setting (ie, the 60 degree to the kitchen, and the ‘max 55 degrees to bathrooms’ setting) seems to be fine actually – kitchen water still hot enough, and shower ok.

Thanks for your great work!



– Rainwater Harvesting System Installed

Hi James,

System working well, and no need to say that the tanks are full. It’s great to hear the pump go on when the toilet is flushed or the washing machine goes on. I checked the specification of the washing machine (a front loader) and it uses 80L per wash. We do a wash nearly every day here, so I think we are using a total of about 100L/day from the tanks, plus whatever goes onto the garden (nothing at the moment, of course but I have measured the hose flow rate at about 20L/minute …… typical watering session in dry weather is 20 minutes every two days, so about 200L per day for this)

I may need you back, I really do need more storage, or to use more water.

Job well done,


– Laundry Renovation

You both took your boots off before you came in to my home and even cleaned the sink and floor before you left – impressed! We are now customers for life.